Friday, May 11, 2007

No Name Restaurant

No Name Restaurant
Boston Wharf

This place has fresh fish...that's pretty much all i have to say. Just kidding :)
Well, let's put it this way, the place is casual, friendly, quick service (they want you in and out), the waiters just toss food on the table, the food is just tossed on a plate and thrown down in front of you, the tables are a little cramped, this place is totally a fisherman's joint that draws familys.

Also, there is no wine don't ask for one. You want wine, just say what kind and they give you the one option they have for each. The White Zinfandel i must say was pretty decent; you can't really ever go wrong with a white zinfandel. It went perfectly with the wine too.

This was the Appetizer Bread that was lightly toasted in the oven with melted butter and hint of garlic...just a hint. This is basic mom's bread that is open faced -- picnic style. Don't eat too much or it'll fill you up before the ton of fish they give you with sides.

Seafood Chowder
This stuff actually wasn't that incredible, but it wasn't bad. It was just a liquidy soup that had chunks of fresh fish in it. It's quite butter and not thick at all...not like a chowder would be. It's not creamy. The chunks are bits of shrimp, scrod, swordfish, clams...and there's probably some other stuff in there. It's just bisque and chunks of seafood with a high sodium level. You can taste the butteriness and salt in this, but it's not half-bad. This was just the cup size.

Saute Seafood with Vegetables
This platter came with an assortment of Swordfish (which came a bit overcooked and tough), Bluefish (I didn't know which one this was), Shrimp (so fresh and perfect with the butter sauce), Scallops (soft, bland, but complimentary with butter sauce), and Calamari (fresh and delish...tough to chew though). It was served in a white wine butter sauce that is very fluid and mostly butter. There are carrot coins and broccoli (tasty!) and some lemon on top. My favorite part of this dish was definitely the shrimp! This was a fresh dish though, and not filling...a fine alternative to fried fish which fills you instantaneously...but man, their fried fish is good!

Clark's family got the Seafood Platter (Fried) which came with fried scrod, calamari, shrimp, and oysters. the Fried Oysters were AMAZING! They were so fresh and moist with flavor, and the breadedness of all the fried fish was so wasn't a thick chunky layer of bread and greasy, but rather soft and thin...I quite liked it actually. So the Fried Oysters were my favorite and the fried shrimp was tasty as well. I wasn't so crazy about the fries; they were plain and like ones you make in the oven at home. The Cole Slaw too was the blandest I'd ever tasted...go for the rice pilaf if you can as an alternative.

The Tartar Sauce is INCREDIBLE! It's so simple, and comes on the side of these fried dishes, but it is incredible with the fried goods and even as a dip for the fries! It tastes of sweet relish with a bit of thousand island dressing (like on In N Out burgers) and a slight hint of dijon. I can't describe it better...but that's pretty much what it tastes like.'s so good!

This is the Cole Slaw i didn't care for at all. So bland..don't get it.

Overall, this place had fresh food, was casual, is cheap, and you get your money's worth of food on a platter. You can also sit in this place and yap the night away there's so much noise. The waiters are funny too. There's hardly any options on the menu, and the waiter's don't know the drink menu or wine list, so you pretty much just have to take what they give you. They're friendly though. This definitely is not romantic...I'll give you that, but it's a family hangout and chill place to go with fresh food. I recommend it for good company and fresh ain't no fine-dining.

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