Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe

Tommy Bahama's
Tropical Cafe
Newport Beach, CA

What a casual, Caribbean, comfortable atmosphere with yummy tropical food... expensive though. I suggest you sit outside on a warm, sunny day. It is quite pleasant and the seats are quite comfy, plus there are umbrellas if the sunlight is too much for you.

Strawberry Daiquiri

What a refreshing beverage. I was feeling the tropical mood on a warm day.
This daiquiri wasn't very sweet at all; it tastes like strawberry and fruit, fresh, refreshing. I think it was blended too much for my liking though because it was really liquidy and foamy. the presentation was remarkable though - it came in a lovely bodied glass with a lime and straw on side.

White, Fluffy, Fresh Appetizer Bread Roll for 4
with Sweet Cinnamon Honey Butter

Served super-warm and oh so soft to pull apart and the butter is divinely sweet and amazing butter! It tastes like El Torito's butter for their warm flour tortillas. The huge bread loaf is in four different peak sections per loaf. Each of the two loaves serves four people. I quite enjoyed this bread, especially the sweet butter! They offer regular soft butter as well in a different dish.

Crab Calloway
"Griddled crab cakes with a light coconut crust, served over a sweet chili mustard sauce. Garnished with Asian slaw and cilantro oil"

The sauce was really good! Dip the cakes in the sauce and... yum. The slaw was fresh, and the sauce was incredible and oily and had these little seeds in it and had a little mint or basil flavor; the shredded crab was plentiful and lightly breaded and had a consistency of fine canned tuna and was soft to fork into. It had these little chili pepper shreds in it that give it a mild kick; great taste! Sel de la Terre's crab cakes in Boston are best though. These crab cakes are pretty big too! They were really great crab cakes.

Mango Salsa

Tasty, a little sweet, not a strong salsa taste. My aunt loves this stuff, and it's good, I'm not crazy about it. It's just diced mango and salsa, but it's fresh. It's a good side.

The Habana Cabana Pork Sandwich 

"Slow roasted pulled pork finished with Tommy's own blackberry brandy barbeque sauce piled high with "Tobacco" onions. Served with Asian slaw and French fries."

My mom had this one, and made probably the best meal decision out of us all, with the exception of my bro who got the fresh Copper River Salmon. This brandy bbq sauce was tangy and slightly spicy and absolutely remarkable on the pulled pork! Wow, I really enjoyed this one, especially on the huge, soft, and fluffy bun. The "tobacco" onions were so soft and lightly fried, they were a blonde color, surprising for being fried, and they were so soft and didn't have a strong onion flavor. I liked these. The fries on the side were fresh too. The slaw on the crab cake platter was better because it had the crab cake sauce on it, but this was still fresh with it's shredded greens. This pulled pork sandwich is definitely a must-get on the menu, especially if you like bbq with a special kick.

Santiago Sea Bass

"Fresh long-line caught sea bass fillet, seared in olive oil, oven roasted and seasoned with fresh basil, toasted walnut and chopped imported olive sauce.
Served with grilled fresh asparagus."

Incredibly tender! It had some capers on it. It was a really fresh chunk of sea bass, a white fish that is so delicate and juicy in the buttery olive oil sauce with a dressing on top of chopped walnuts, grated cheese (parmiagianno), green herbs, basil, olive oil, bits of olives, on tops of line of several roasted pieces of extra long asparagus that is so drenched in oil and butter it just drips off when you try to grab some.
Copper River Salmon 

My brother got this, and it looked so juicy, fresh, and tender, "Seasoned and seared Copper River Salmon served over roasted Fingerling potatoes, baby carrots (which were actually quite longer than regular baby carrots, drowned in butter sauce), patty pan squash (fresh and juicy), and a caper beurre blanc." Overall, this was fresh with great juices on very few veggies like squash, carrots, and little white fingerling potatoes..lots of drippy butter on plate. This place is a big fan of drenching things in oil and butter sauce, but it's good.

Tommy's Great Grouper Sandwich

"Beer battered, flash fried grouper with honey-roasted onions.
Served with French fries and island tartar sauce."

My dad got this special for father's day. It was huge. No joke. It was about 12" long - huge- and very deep fried. The constancy of the fish inside looked like undercooked, mushy egg whites, and it wasn't bad, but it needed the sauce, and it was humongous!! I wouldn't order it for myself, but my dad quite liked it; it's really good if you like that kind of deep-fried fish stuff. The tartar sauce was wonderful and thick and flavorful! The fish was a bit bland and needed the sauce, which made it good and the fish was ultra-tender and white, served on a big white bun.

St. Croix Chopped Salad

My aunt had it, and she said it was quite good. I didn't get to try it. It had "Diced marinated and grilled chicken breast, fresh mixed greens, vine-ripened roma tomatoes, Maytag bleu cheese, Granny Smith apples, macadamia nuts, hickory smoked bacon and sweet corn tossed with our honey-lime vinaigrette. Garnished with garlic croutons."

Tortola Tortilla Soup

"A savory blend of ground corn tortillas and vegetables, with marinated and grilled chicken seasoned with island spices and garnished with lime sour cream."

My grandmother had this, not me. I didn't taste it. It looked creative in presentation though.


Pina Colada Cake

"Moist vanilla layer cake with Meyers Dark Rum and chopped pineapple, covered with white chocolate mousse and toasted coconut." 

It had a subtle taste of pina colada, fresh layers of vanilla cake, pineapple, whip, and white chocolate mousse, multi-layered, huge! The taste of this is actually lighter than both the brownie and the butterscotch pudding. It's about 6-7 inches high. One person could not finish this, or any of the desserts for that matter, on their own. It's about four to five layers, comes with a huge dollop of whipped cream, with hundreds of toasted coconut shavings atop and white chocolate mousse frosting on top. It was yummy. I thought the brownie was more appealing to my taste buds though, because I like chocolatey and warm, fudge things.

Blackbeard's Butterscotch

"Dark brown cane sugar, butter, sweet cream, vanilla and scotch whiskey, blended and served chilled"..not really chilled..more like served medium cold. "Garnished with chocolate ganache" solidified along the sides and thick on the bottom,"drizzled caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream" 

This is thick and heavy. This was too sweet and caramelicious for me. It was HUGE! It was served in a ginormous red wine bowl/glass with a ton of thick, heavy whipped cream and pudding. This is just about the size portion for four people. I felt sick only after having a few bites; it tasted too candy-like and sweet for me. I'm not a butterscotch person. This is not one that I was impressed with. The homemade whip on top and chocolate shavings were great. The chocolate ganache was super rich and you could taste the whiskey to the point where the ganache tasted a bit like espresso. I wouldn't order this again for myself.
Barbados Brownie

"Chocolate-coconut fudge brownie and vanilla ice cream. Served with fresh whipped cream and drizzled with "from scratch" chocolate and caramel sauces."

Oh my. I was in chocolate heaven! My brother ordered this one. He's a varsity football player and he couldn't finish this, even with our help. This is a wonderful medley of hot chocolatey goodness, ice cold vanilla creamy ice cream, and thick whip cream drizzled in fudge and caramel. For those of you who dream of chocolate: It is served with fresh whipped cream and is amazing. It's very chocolatey and rich; moist and fudgey! Very filling. One of the best brownies I've had. Hot and fudgy, very rich. Two BIG pie slices of brownie are given to you with with sauces and coconut shavings and a big scoop vanilla bean ice cream. Your mouth goes, "WOW!"

Sure, I'd come here again. It's a good restaurant with a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Go for the passion fruit drinks and food with fruit/sweet/tangy sauces. The authentic Hawaiian, Caribbean cuisine is a must-have on the menu. The other stuff is probably good too, but their original dishes are the best. I've heard the coconut shrimp is a must. Next time I'll order that. Good
 experience. I just won't be ordering the Butterscotch pudding next time.

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Shannon Lefevre said...

I ordered the butterscotch pudding because my friend wanted to split that and the chocolate brownie...I am not at all a butterscotch fan but I tried it and LOVED it! Can't get it out of my mind :) It's such a ridiculous addiction I actually got online to see if I could figure out how to make it...that's how I found this blog post! :)