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Boulevard Restaurant
San Francisco

I've been waiting to come here for an entire year, and for my big birthday we celebrated here for a late-night dinner, and it was unforgettable. Truly, a genuinely masterful display of the culinary arts, with the artistry of the cuisine presentation and delectable deliciousness of each eatable creation placed in front of me.

The interior of this restaurant captures perfect lighting and an intimate, Art Nuveu feel. The decour is fun, colorful, yet sophisticated. This is truly a place to enjoy a fine wine and conversation. It's original, and refined. I loved my experience here, and appreciated the vaulted brick ceilings and modern twists to classic decour. Again, the lighting was perfect, dim, yet highlighted portions of the table and allowed you to see your meal divinely.

Quixote, Petit Sirah, Stag's Leap Ranch, Napa 2003
Incredible, rich, quality, amazing, and full-bodied, Quixote was a divine syrah. I loved it. it was soft and yummy, and sophisticated for a fairly younger red. It was the perfect pairing to everything, especially my foie gras. Now where do you find a wine that's perfect with everything? This was a rare gem. I'm hunting it down in Newport.

Taittinger, La Francaise, Brut Champagne, NV
This is a good champagne, better than the Taittinger Brut I had last night at Martini's. It was soft with hints of apple, and a dry wine.

Roederer Estate, Brut, Anderson Valley, NV
This was my mom's champagne, and was drier than mine with less fruit hints.

Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er Cru, Chenevottes, Marc Colin, Burgundy, 2003
This was the most expensive Burgundy on the list by the glass, but it was honestly too flat an bland for me. It had a light chardonnay grape flavor, but overall it was just... bland. It reminded me a bit of a poorer Sauvignon Blanc, not dry at all.

French Bread
This was okay bread, big, fresh, and not as silky as some of the other bread we've had... nor was it as soft. I think it was a little on the drier side.

Pan Seared Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras
"House Made Toast, Black Mission Fig Jam and Mango"

This brioche-like toast has to be the best I've ever had -- it is toasted, yet moist and scrumptious with a dense, light crunch to it. It is the most soft toast to chew, and has a wonderful sweet butter flavor that is light as well. This is lightly toasted. The foie gras was unforgettable, and truly a must-order on the starters menu. It had the kind of taste of what my mouth imagined as the tenderest filet mignon my mouth has tasted, except I had to keep reminding myself it was goose liver. Ooh, the figs were incredible. I don't know what it is with Northern Cali, but figs are on almost every plate, and this is how I came to love fresh, true figs. The yellow paste on the brioche was the best, flavored with mango and fig jam... the perfect pairing. The foie gras foam was unique as well. It weirded me out at first, but it was actually quite creative and unusual, making the dish stand out to me. The foam really doesn't taste like anything, it's just decorative.

A Salad of Baby Beets & French Beans
" Toasted Pine Nuts, Truffled Pecorino Cheese, Summer Truffles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Banyuts Vinegar"
This was okay, but there wasn't much flavor. It's a really small platter too. My mom ordered this one. She's a beet-nut.

Dayboat Sea Scallops
"Stone Ground Grits with Caramelized Onions, Gypsy Peppers, Crawfish Nage"
My bro ordered this, but I didn't taste it.

California White Sea Bass
Wild Caught and Pan Roasted
"Fresh Cranberry and Cannellini Beans with Johnston County Country Ham
Oven Roasted Tomato Stuffed with Creamy Broccoli Rabe, Confit Garlic & Toasted Bread Crumbs"

This was the best quality and prepared sea bass I've ever had. It was lightly salted and pan seared, swordfish-like bulkiness and consistency of the fish to the fork. I really liked how the chef cooked this fish -- it was not slimy and rare-tasting like I've had at most places. This was well-prepared fish, the best prepared sea bass I've ever tasted. Not to mention, look at the artistry and presentation of this dish! The chickpea sauce is seen strewn across the plate, linking the fish on the beans to the stuffed tomato; the sauce is on the blander side with hardly any flavor. The beans were quite good, and the little slivers of smoked ham are incredible! They had bright flavor to them. The tomato with the broccoli rabe was, next to the sea bass, my favorite part of the this dish. It was purely original in creation, a twist from the Spanish stuffed peppers. The broccoli rabe and the bass rocked my world.

Washington King Salmon
Wild Caught & Grilled
"Crispy Fingerling Potatoes, Creamed Brentwood Corn, Parsley Garlic Sauce, Maine Lobster"
My little brother said this was the best all-around meal he's ever had, and that means a lot coming from the guy that never says anything about food. I didn't get to try this dish, but I trust my brother.

Berkshire Pork Tenderloin (Kurobuta)
Wood Oven Roasted
"Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Plums, Tender Honey Mustard Ribs, Spicy Corn Bread & Crispy Oyster Dressing, Dirty Girl Farm Creamed Romano Beans & Roasted Pork Jus"
This was an impressive presentation, I must say. Just look at this four-quarter platter of pork parts, with loin, ribs, belly, jus, and dressing. The dressing was pretty good, interesting, but good with the corn mixed in and oyster on top

Angus Filet Mignon
Wood Oven Roasted
"Melted Mountain Gorgonzola Butter, Syrah Onion Mashed Potato, Miatake Mushrooms, Sauteed Chard, Red Wine Beef Jus and Walnut Persillade"
Dad loved it, and it looked tasty and incredibly tender. Hearing the sauce description is making my mouth water.

Caramelized Angel Food Shortcake
"Blossom Bluff Peaches, Fresh and Poached Mascarpone Cream, Nectarine Carpaccio
Candied Ginger Ice Cream & Yellow Peach Sorbet"

This was my dessert pick, and boy was I happy with it. This angel food was certainly covered and a bit crusty with solidified crystals due to the caramelized sugar sauce. The taste of the cake was actually light in consistency but had a serene blend of sugar and angel food flavor to it. This cake was richer than traditional angel food with the sugar, and more cakelike to be honest, not rubbery like some angel foods are. The ginger ice cream... I loved! It was smooth and light. THe mascarpone and peach medley was brilliant with it's light flavor and creaminess, like whipped cream. The sorbet I didn't like, but it was good if sorbet is your thing.

Warm Chocolate Budino Cake
"Amaretto Cherries, Jubiliee Ice Cream,
Fresh Cherry Sorbet, Fresh Cherry Salad"

This was a great, warm and steamy molten chocolate cake with its inner gooey richness juxtaposing against the fierce cold of the Jubilee ice cream melting slowly on top. The cake was very fine and fudgy... and warm, though there was no real center to it that exploded with this fudginess... it was sort of immersed all over. This was a delectable dessert -- if you're a chocolate lover, this is it.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Macaroon Sundae
"Raspberries, White Chocolate Mousse & Raspberry sorbet, Raspberry Conserve & French Macaroon"
This plate sure looked chic. My brother enjoyed it.

Birthday Dessert Special:
Vairhona Chocolate-Peppermint Bon Bon
With Happy Birthday Chocolate & White Chocolate Birthday Sign

With peppermint-chocolate ice cream in the milk chocolate covered bon bon, this was a cute little display of birthday happy-thoughts in cold solidified chocolate shells. The sign is actually milk chocolate with white chocolate writing. It had nice peppermint chocolate flavor to the ice cream inside. This dessert is just simply bon bons though. They were good.

This was a magical evening, surely with some of the best meal platter presentations I've seen in my life. The chefs take great pride in their creations. I had the pleasure of meeting Ravi, the Chef de Cuisine this evening. I take a great appreciation for his and Nancy's art.

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