Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Model Bakery

The Model Bakery
St. Helena, Wine Country

This is the best fresh artisan bread in wine country, and the best bread I've had in my life.

This bakery also holds lots of other goodies besides breads, like pastries, cookies, cakes, and CHEESE, with little charcuterie of course...

Pain De Mie (or Sweet French) with Three Sisters Serenita Cheese and Charcuterie Platter

Pain De Mie
Pain De Mie is a French Loaf Bread, "inside bread", with milk and butter. This might have been the one that we had, or we had the Sweet French, which is a European style bread. Check out This was the best bread I've EVER had. It blew me away! This stop is a must on your trip to wine country. Get this same bread. At first, we though this was the French Country Organic Sourdough, and it could have been, but we asked for French bread, and this is what they gave us, so it's one of three. It didn't taste like sourdough though, and the crust certainly looked french.

It was absolutely the best bread, a huge artisan loaf, full, fluffy, moist, fresh, and the best bread ever! I can't say that enough. It was enormous! This tasted like a french grain, maybe with a bit of ciabatta flavor too. I can't believe how beautifully it tore in my hands as I ripped pieces off it. It ripped like a fresh French too.

Cheese and Charcutterie Plate
The hard, Mahon looking pale yellow rhind cheese was a little too band for me; it was a hard cheese but had a milky taste. The meats were so good. The prosciutto drizzled in olive oil , tasty olives, moist brie, herbs, salami, ham, and a bland yellow orange cheddar-mahon cheese were a nice touch to go with the bread. There was another yellow & white thin-sliced cheese that toasted sour. It was gross. The prosciutto and olives were the best!

Three Sisters Serenita

I loved this cheese! This was one of the best, if not the best, of the cheeses I had on our trip, and have ever had! It absolutely captured me!

This was amazing! It was full in flavor, smooth, rich and sharp, the inside has some holes. It had moisture to it, but was a well shaped semi-hard cheese. This was certainly my favorite cheese on the trip so far, and like I said... I think it's my favorite overall.

This place was downright unforgettable, and yummy! My bread rocked, the cheese was awesome, and this has to be my favorite little stop in wine country. I was really looking forward to this allll day.

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divinebella said...

This is absolutely the best bread I've EVER had. Superb cheese selection as well...