Friday, August 3, 2007

Kendall's Brasserie

Kendall's Brasserie
At the Ahmanson Theatre
Los Angeles

A great journey to the NY feel of a brasserie on the sidewalk of Broadway or something. I enjoyed my experience here. It had a French take on a NY restaurant, quite mature, yet sophisticated with a remarkable cuisine and fresh options... not to mention creative! My plate was a work of art upon arrival, especially the Asparagus salad! Each one of our appetizers was a work of art!

This is the main dining room. Look at how regal it looks! I love the marble and polished wood and columns.

Appetizer Bread Basket with Oil and Vinegar, and Butter
Olive Bread (top), French (right)
(Whole Grain and Foccacia are unseen)
I thought the French was really good. It was silky and fresh. The Olive bread was okay, fresh though. It was all good bread, none the less.

Whole Grain Artisan Bread (left), Focaccia (upper left), French (right)
The Grain bread was definitely my favorite because it was rich in so many different grains an ultimately a fresh taste with an extraordinary soft tear. The Focaccia was good, but normal.

Asparagus Salad
"with baby beets, fava beans and horseradish remoulade"
I loved this salad with a few large hunks of asparagus drizzled in horseradish remoulade, a sauce that had a memorable linger of the horseradish memoir of flavor. I ordered this without the fava beans, and I actually got some extra beets (both yellow and red), not to mention i got some lettuce roots on the side with a spectacular balsamic vinaigrette mixture on top of them! This appetizer was perfect, and pretty too!

Salad a la Grecque
"tomato, feta, cucumber, olive, avocado, red onions, capers, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil" This was by far the best appetizer dish of them all, being rich in quality fatty Mediterranean oils that are ultimately healthy for you and flavorful. I wish I'd ordered this. It truly was an authentic Mediterranean salad with unforgettable flavor. You gotta get this.

Poached Pear Salad
"with maytag blue cheese and sherry gastrigue"
My mom ordered this and it really looked like more of a tartar, with a fortress of pear chutney surrounding the feta core and the sherry drizzled over it. It was a beautiful masterpiece, but the Salad a la Grecque surpassed all of ours in overall quality. I loved the pear chutney fortress-thing that was happening on this dish though. It was quite original.

"steamed in white wine, garlic, shallots, and parsley with frites"
I actually ordered mine with vegetable substitute instead of the fries, so they gave me an tasty dish of butter, oil and white wine infused haricot verts with finely sliced onions and baby gourmet carrots along with sauteed spinach in a lovely gravy dish. I loved these vegetables. My Mussels were incredible! They were so tender and bountiful in the white wine mixture; I ate ever single one of them! The tomato diced confit that was scattered throughout the white wine mixture as well as the finely diced onions were the perfect harmonious flavor that added to the wonderfulness of these mussels. Note to the guest: Take your spoon and keep feeding the sauce to these mussels so as to continually infuse them with the sauce; they are so much better that way!

Seasonal Vegetable Medley
Tossed in minced onions, garlic and olive oil, these baby gourmet carrots, haricot verts, and creamed spinach were so tasty! The sautee sauce was divine! I loved this side, it was my request on the side of the mussels dish as a substitute for frites.

Pommes Frites
side for Mussels
Since my mother ordered the same thing as I, she got hers original with the frites. These were great frites, a classic, and more full than those burnt-thin crisp things. I liked these.

Beef Pot au Feu
"with carrots, pearl onions, fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, mushrooms and tomatoes"
In a huge black stew pot, brought to the table by the waiter, this dish awaits a hefty restaurantier*. When was saw this, our jaws dropped. Jill was welcomed to an entire pot of beef stew that was filling, hunger satisfying, and an artisan meal all at the same time. The reduction was tomato and red wine based and was a pairing to be unmatched by others. This was a great dish... very filling though. I enjoyed the mild reduction, sophisticated in flavor.

Roasted Filet Mignon
"with brown butter mashed potatoes, haricot verts and maitre D'butter", Lou orderd this and it looked so savory and juicy. This is quality. He loved it!

Turkey Bolognese
"with ballerina pasta, Parmesan cheese and basil"
This dish is quite a huge portion of pasta, with a wavy shape, like bowtie but with more crowded waves and a vodka/tomato based thin marinara. This had thin grated Parmesan on top and basil with a refreshing Italian flavor, and the ground turkey was quality. I don't think anyone could really finish all this. It was a huge bowl, but it was so good. This is a comfort food dish, but the sauce isn't creamy. It's just a lot of pasta. Oh, but it's sooooooo good!

Pineapple Sorbet with Blueberry and Blackberry in a Martini Glass
For Jill's birthday, the restaurant presented her with this beautiful, flavorful quality gift. The pineapple sorbet was so quality and rich in finely ground pineapple and a joyous shaved sorbet with pineapple bits. It was so simple, yet satisfying. Not to mention, the little blueberries and blackberries were an additional, gorgeous touch.

After this delicious, elegant meal, we enjoyed Jersey Boys at the Ahmanson Theater, just above this Brasserie. Oh what a night! :D

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