Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Commander

The Commander
Westbourne Grove, London

This is definitely more of a modern pub, and it was quite lovely. This is the little garden pavillion room, with a fireplace just across from us. This is actually a dim-lit room, but the flash makes it appear otherwise. We came here after work for a little get-together, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. This is a popular place, with great service, and everything. Inside, there is a cozy fireplace... I'll sit indoors next time. In the summer, there's a quaint and charming courtyard attached to this pavillion, outdoors. I quite liked this place.

I ordered the Shiraz, and I was quite happy with it. It was full and flavorful. Danielle and Shoko ordered us some Chips, which came with ketchup and a nice mustard sauce. The chips were sinful, baked potato wedges with olive oil and a little grease ( you can see the shimmering quality). These chips are addicting though when you have any sort of alcohol. They were sooooo good! I love baked potato.

This is a bit of the indoor pub, and you can see the cozy fireplace in the back. Behind that chair are cushions stools and banquets for sitting by the fire with a group. It was occupied at the time though. The inner pub is rather big, but this is a small picture. I'm coming here again. This was a mature, lovely, and pleasant experience. Quite cozy.

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