Sunday, November 11, 2007

S. Jones Dairy

S. Jones Dairy
Columbia Road Market, London

The day couldn't have been more glorious. Katie and I made our way out to Columbia Market to leisurely meander around the fresh flowers and grab a cup of tea when we noticed that it was beginning to rain. The commute to the market was rain-consumed; however, right when we got off the bus the clouds spread and God's love was shining brightly on us, making the damp ground and bright flowers look fresh from "morning dew"--aka: lots of rain.

At Queensbridge bus stop, take a turn past a few quaint shops and you'll arrive at S. Jones Cafe and finally the Dairy shop. Here, you'll find fresh breads galor at extraordinary prices for the quality and size. One huge loaf can cost less than 3 GDP. This is a small shop and bakery, with cheese and preserves too, but it retains the intimate, English cottage feel and tradition of a quaint courtyard market shop. Upon walking into S. Jones this morning, I expected to buy a bread roll maybe if they had any. I ended up walking out with a bread loaf, and Katie with a poppy seed bagel. Get the picture? You can't walk in here without buying anything, especially when everything is fresh out of the oven and smells so good!! All the food somehow glistens and sparkles too... weird huh?

Organic Brown Sourdough
(bottom right)
Last time I came in here, I saw this brown bread and didn't get it! This time I just had to. This is an amazingly fresh and mild-sourdough-flavored brown bread, very much like Poilane's Sourdough loaf. This huge loaf was only 2.80 GDP. Not bad. It is rather thick, and not fluffy or really soft, but is a traditional English sourdough, and tastes lovely. I actually used it to dip into the olive oils and balsamic at the Columbia market food courtyard. It goes with anything, really! This is a great bread, and looks beautiful.

Poppy Seed Bagel
Katie got this, and it was deliciously savory. The fresh poppy seed flavor was immersed into the warm, soft and plump homemade bagel. This was quite a treat, especially since it was freshly baked and just out of the oven!

As I said earlier, S. Jones Dairy has cheese, hence the dairy title. They have a small selection, but they're from unique little regions all over the UK. They also distribute a wide selection of preserves, jams, and marmalades while also supplying bitter lemon soda, an English classic. They sadly don't have fig preserve, my favorite.

I love this place, fig jam or no.

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