Monday, November 26, 2007

Sun in Splendour

Sun in Splendour
Portobello Road, Notting Hill

Being the oldest pub in Notting Hill, you'd expect them to be the most "unique", and they certainly were. The Sun in Splendour reminded me of Espresso Royale in Boston. It has it's own style, it's young, it's artsy, and they have their own custom amazing mulled-wine. This place is dim-lit at night, equipped with comfy leather sofas, hightop wooden pub tables, open windows..and quite quiet. I liked it. There are shops full of antiques and Christmas goods all around on quiet Portobello at night. I was walking past here last week to go to the market after work, and of course it was nightfall because it gets dark here at around 4PM. A couple walked out of here and when the door flew open this heavenly cinnamon-cider smell came swirling through the air and right to me. I was captured. I came back and ordered it...

Megan's Magical Mulled Wine
This has to be the best mulled-wine I've ever had. It's hot, it's Christmas-y, and it's spicy (not hot) -- flavorful with Christmas scents and aromas and slightly sweet, much like apple cider but with a red-wine twist, and maybe a bit of some fruit flavor (and orange?). It did have soaked apple chunks in it. It's better than hot apple cider though. It has strong cinnamon, clove hints with apple. The wine is mild, and it's only 2.60 a glass. It smells AMAZING! You can't resist it. It reminds me of home, by the fire during the holidays. It's a cozy, comfort drink. The spices are wonderful.
This is the front area of the pub, with the open windows to the street. On a Saturday market day, this place is packet!! I'm coming back. This is a friendly pub, and has its own attitude, and custom amazing secret-recipe hot mulled-wine.

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