Monday, November 19, 2007


Southbank, London

the oriental noodle London chain, famous for its fast service and consistency of noodles :)

This place is good, and sits well in anyone's tummy. It's nothing special, and yes, it's a chain. I didn't realize that walking in here. It was Katie's idea!! We were on break from a tour of Southbank and this happened to be right there. This is a prime location, lovely, right on the Thames, with the entire restaurant side exposed with open windows and sunlight to open up the restaurant. The service here is impeccable! They are so fast, and reliable. The presentation is extremely casual; paper menus and wooden cheap chopsticks. I miss using chopsticks, so this was a treat. The place has an open kitchen and huge wooden picnic tables, community-like, so you feel like your sitting down in a park having lunch... but indoors. If you're in for a quick, reliable, tummy-satisfying meal, this is the place. I was happy. This is good food. It's more expensive than I wanted to pay, but it was worth trying this place on

Mandarin and Sesame Chicken Salad
"Shredded ginger, garlic and lemongrass marinated chicken strips
in a salad of Asian leaves mixed with mandarins, coriander,
mangetout, caramelized red onion, spring onions and roasted
cashew nuts. dressed with a sesame, mandarin, thai basil and mint
dressing and garnished with mixed sesame seeds"

I just got mine with no nuts -- as I had cranberries honey covered almonds this afternoon. This was a very fresh salad, and large. The chunks of chicken in this were a litttttle bit cheap looking, and definitely sauteed in too much oil, but they were still good, just bubbly looking. The dressing was good, but I'm glad I got it on the side; it's mild with a lot of oil-base and lemon-citrus flavor, bit of mint. There are definitely sesame seeds in this and the flavor stands out but it's good. The greens were crisp and fresh. Whatever the chicken was marinated in was good. Nothing here really stood out, it was just good, but good is a good thing. The red onion was not sweet, but sauteed, and the coriander herbs mixed in with the lettuce added a nice flavor to the dish, leaving a great aftertaste in my mouth for the afternoon, which I'm surprised to say. And of course, the mandarin oranges are always a delight. There were only 3 tiny bits in here though. It needs more oranges. There was more than enough chicken; the chunks were huge and irregularly cut!
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Chicken Tama Rice
"marinated and grilled chicken breast with stir-fried courgettes,
shiitake mushrooms, red and spring onions in a thickened
oyster, fresh ginger, garlic and wine sauce. served on
japanese-style rice"

Yes, this was good, at least the broth and the rice were. I didn't get to try the meat, but the look on Katie's face was enough to tell me, it was good, and the fact that she scraped her plate clean. The broth leaves a nice flavor in your mouth. It's mild, but it's an array of flavors and some spice with fresh vegetables, and meat of course. I'd get this. The sauce is brothy too, not gross and sticky like a lot of junky asian food restaurants.

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