Sunday, December 2, 2007


High Street Kensington, London

Archangel is a fairly contemporary, casual cocktail bar on High Street Kensington which offers half-off cocktails before 7pm on Weekdays for happy-hour. It is fairly quite during this "half off" period, but then more mature crowds begin to pop in around 8pm. We came here tonight for Jackie's birthday, and we each got different beverages. What's nice about this place is that they actually squeeze fresh juices from the actual fruits into your cocktails. Impressive. It's a comfortable place, not my favorite, but it's a bargain for drinks.

Old Cuban
"Luxurious mix of Bacardi 8 year old rum, mint, lime, sugar, a. dash of Angostura bitters and then topped with champagne"

This actually tasted a bit more like a mojito, but it wasn't bad. There was far too much ice in this tough. That's how they rip you for the price -- them make the beverage 90% ice and then only 10% flavor. Once I shaved off some of the ice this was a decent beverage, but I'd order something else next time. I still think this was a mojito, I couldn't taste the rum in it. The mint flavor and lime were quite strong.

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