Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bistro One-Ninety

Bistro One-Ninety
The Gore Hotel
Queen's Gate, Kensington, London

This is really a lovely hotel, royal and proper in English looks. I recommend at least popping by. The dining room is quaint and intimate, entirely bedecked in old prints and paintings with large Georgian mirrors. I liked it!

Appetizer Olive Bread
Outstanding, fresh, moist, and served in thick fluffy slices from a fresh English loaf. This Olive bread has both green and black olives, but the bread was so amazingly fresh even at 9pm that it blew me away. This was a soft loaf, lightly dusted with flour with a soft crust and white bread with moist savory olive bits. I loved this. This has to be the best olive bread I've had in Britain. Bistro 190 serves this in thick, big slices that are more than enough to fill you up, and they even offer the traditional olive oil and vinegar. This is a wonderful basket of savory goodness to start your meal

Mussel and herb chowder
The chowder required a bit of salt, but it was actually pretty good. Sure, it's a small bowl but it has a slight chowdery consistency to it making a fish, chicken like broth that is thicker than normal with light hints of herbs and mussels. There are a few mussels found throughout it. It's a nice, basic and light fish chowder, with even a few small

Salad of apple, beet root, mozzarella, spinach, and white balsamic dressing
This was a nice salad. It was refreshing, and not enough for a meal but this still was a lovely light salad tossed with an oil-based white balsamic vinaigrette that had a light olive oil flavor to it. There is a touch of pepper too. It is spinach-leaf based, served with little mozzarella balls and dices of beet and sliced apples. The overall flavor is a tender balance of mildly-sweet apple and beet with olive oil. I was quite content, and I would order this again, certainly for an appetizer salad.

Sangiovese, Umbria
This red wine was medium-bodied, with hints of cabernet grape flavor and maturity to it. It even had a bit of a merlot hint. This was flatter than a more full-bodied wine, but it was still pleasant for a cold-winter's eve, even with a salad. I would have ordered a white but it was too cold. I liked this. It wasn't superb, but it was quite good.

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