Saturday, December 29, 2007

Da Vinci's

Da Vinci's
Sun Valley, Idaho

Romantic, intimate atmosphere, candlelight, seven tables, a kitchen the size of the broom-closet, this is the classic Italian nook in Sun Valley. The service is very prompt and direct, but friendly. The waiters don't search for compliments like some high-maintenance servers; it's quite refreshing, and our waiter read our mind consistently, always bringing us more bread baskets and wine lists. This is a comfortable, all-around great service Italian restaurant with simple, incredible food that has complexity of flavor. If I lived here, I'd keep coming back as a regular. The prices are appropriate as well. They absolutely score with the food though. Go for the food, service, and a relaxing, romantic, & quiet night out.

Colvin, Carmenere, 2001
This red wine was easy, with a bit of spice and ripe tannins, not overwhelming though. This was a lovely Italian dinner wine, and went with everything. I quite liked it. I'm unfamiliar with the Carmenere grape, but this was lovely.

Fresh Italian Bread
Heavenly, just... heavenly. Soft, thick, fresh, full slices, and smooth. This is the kind of bread I always crave. This place scores right away with the bread, and they bring huge loaves of it sliced up for you, served hot. I could live off of this. The aroma of these freshly-baked Tuscan loaves sends you soaring, savaging for more.

Fresh Clams (Chef's Specialty)
White Wine Sauce, Butter, Garlic, Parsley
These clams, so full of meat and fresh flavor, were steamed in the most amazing white wine broth I've ever had. The broth was absolutely incredible, and wonderful to dip their full, Italian bread into. I've never seen clam meat so large in a medium-sized clam. This entire meal was impressive for me.

Steamed Mussels in Chef's Special Broth
Scallops, Zucchini, Roma Tomatoes on Bed of Angel Hair Pasta

I didn't care for the pasta, but then again I didn't order it, they just gave it to me extra. My main was superb. The mussels were the largest mussel meat I've ever seen, like the clams. Upon inquiry, I found that the shellfish were from Washington. Oh wow... I won't forget these. This was the most satisfying dinner we had out all week and these are certainly the most memorable mussels and clams I've ever had.

Mud Pie
Whip Cream with Cocoa Powder topping an Everest Mountain Crest
of Mud Pie of Ice Cream, Cookies and Cream, and Almond Java Coffee Ice Cream,
with an Oreo-Brownie Crumb Base (THICK) in a pond of Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge

I think the description says it all. The mud pie scored major points with us for dessert. We couldn't finish it, and we had six adults at our table. This thing is rich and full of amaretto, almond, cookies n' cream, dark chocolate, and whip cream. The medley is orgasmic. Really, that's the only way to describe it. I'd come here just for this dessert.

It was all fresh, and more-for your buck, with exclusive quality and flavor in every presentation. The funny thing is, everything was so simple. I mean, "steamed clams", "steamed mussels", house salad?? They're all simple, but the cooks know how to combine flavors and make the freshest of the fresh turn your head and leave you craving more. None of this food is junky, it's allll fresh. I loved it!

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