Sunday, December 30, 2007

DiVine Wine

Wine Merchant & Bar
Sun Valley, Hailey, Idaho

What a cosy, classic European wine bar! This place had nooks and crannies and large, sturdy wooden dining tables and sofas for customers, not to mention romantic and cozy wine caves for a group of seven. The little table in the back, tucked away under an archway for the wine nook was were we sipped and splurge the late night away.

The walls are warm colors, and the lights are fairly dim so as to allow your eyes adjust to the night. The nook entrance is a brick entry overhead with warm brown-cherry walls surrounding a large, square tables with booth seating. I'll never forget this place. It's cozy and inviting with a warm atmosphere and young service. The cheese fondue was fantastic and a take back to the 70s, and the wine was di-vine :)

Bread Stix & Marco Felluga Pinot Griogio
This Marco Felluga, 2005 was crisp with a nice, light pinot grigio grape flavor to it. Yes, it was fairly light, but I enjoyed it and I thought it was good, though I'm not a huge fan of Pinots. This was a nice one though.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Too flat, with crisp apple flavors. It also tastes a bit like a grass-drink. I seriously did taste grass. Not my type of wine.

J Pinot Noir
Simply not good. This was far too spicy, with very strong tannins.

Trust Syrah
A great wine, amazingly smooth. Impressively smooth, even. This is a mix of balanced tannins with the right adjustment of spiciness. This is a calming blend of rich flavors. Enchanting, isn't it?

This is the wine cave, the intimate wine cave of secrets. This booth table was great. At nearly midnight, we feasted here on great wines and cheese fondue, and not to mention entertaining conversation among family. Who could ask for more?

Cheese Fondue
with fresh baguette bread bits and apples
This Cheese fondue is a medley of gruyere, comte, and maybe a Stilton. Basically, it is full of mature, aged cheeses with hard flavor that tingles your senses. Served hot, don't you wanna go back to the long hair, headbands, and peace signs? This is a fantastic group appetizer, which is truly contradictory to the word because it is FILLING. I mean, come on, melted cheese and bread? Yeah, this is a meal.

I can't wait to come back here.

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