Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Eagle

The Eagle
Farringdon, London

This is the best quality pub meal I’ve ever had, no questions. Jill said she remembered this place for their food, and all of my research on London told me that this was the gastropub of gastropubs. I was not disappointed. There are no substitutions and it’s only a small menu, and the prices are not cheap, but it’s not overpriced for the meal you get. The portions are huge and the food is memorable. It’s some of the best quality of comfort pub meals you’ll ever have, and it’s very traditional. The pub itself is far away from the tube, a bit of a 20 minute walk in a not-so-pretty part of town, but it’s worth the walk. Apparently a lot of people know about it because there were several groups of adults who met up here right at the opening time, competing for tables at Sunday brunch. I walked in right after they opened and found the last seat. This pub is known for their food alone, so stick with it and don’t miss out. It’s worth the trip out here. The room smells amazing when you first walk in!

Note: The Sunday Rib Eye and Beef Stew with Potatoes looks incredible too – thick and hearty!

Appetizer Bread with Olive Oil
With two meager slices of bread, this appetizer is not impressive, but the fact that a pub serves bread and olive oil to you as a compliment to your meal IS impressive. No other pub throws this in, and the bread is good, it’s just not special. It’s definitely a nicer bakery bread, more crisp, not fluffy, but it’s a traditional wholemeal and white flour loaf absent of all those fatty cream and butters and oils that make other pub breads moist. This was fresh with crisper crust.

Garlic braised chicken with sherry and basmati rice”

This dish is overwhelming huge! The chef gives you an entire large chicken thigh with the leg, even.This entire chicken portion lies so sound on a bed of this marinated basmati rice, spilling its braise-juices all over the bed and the moist, butter-marinated garlic cloves are served whole on peeled on top of the bed as well. I loved the cloves! Oh, they were so good!! I can’t believe this meal. It blew me away in size and sheer flavor. I couldn’t taste the sherry to be honest, but the fresh garlic and butter on the rice and chicken was amazing. All of the natural chicken juices spilled out of the thigh, which was so juicy, not the slightest-bit dry. I loved this. The basmati was the perfect choice on behalf of the chef, so props to him. This was absolutely spectacular. I think there was definitely a lot of butter in the sauce with the sherry. It was thinned and juicy, and the rice became entirely immersed in it quickly. This meal is more than enough to fill you up, but maybe not quite enough for two people because one person will just overfill themselves on more than half of this dish unstoppably with how good this is. The meat was so tender, juicy, and smooth; it just feel right off of the bones. It was so fresh too!

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