Friday, December 7, 2007

The Flask @ Highgate

The Flask
Highgate, London

This is a welcoming pub located on the top of Highgate Village, just across from the Pond. The place smells of extraordinary food and the mulled wine. Portions here are served large, but it’s not sloppy. This is a fine-food put, and all the plates around me looked delicious. It’s the food that you’d come here for, and the atmosphere, and the drinks compliment. The environment is multi-roomed, spread amidst a few shallow levels separated by a few steps. There is a quaint fire-place room and a cave nook, then of course there is the deck overlooking the front by the bar, but indoor, and there is the family room that is low-ceiling with some dark wood tables that assemble to fit a large group of people. This place is family-friendly, but you mostly find large groups of close friends here instead.

Just a side note, the soup here is served in a huge dish, with an entire soft, fresh baguette sliced and arranged around the platter. How incredible! Meals here are worth your pound. The pub is certainly more modern. Right now, it is decorated with Christmas lights, garland, wreaths, tinsel, and there are a few spot lights for the ceiling that illuminate portions of the tables and floors that are all dark wood. There is a garden terrace area outside that is covered by a wooden arbor bedecked with fairy lights, but it’s too cold to sit outside at this time. All of the inner walls are mahogany red, a deep wine red. I really like the atmosphere. I’ll come back here for a meal someday on my return back to the UK.

Hot Mulled Wine
This smelled tempting when I walked in, filling the spirit-decoured room with wonderful, warm & sweet spice aromas. There are 175 ml served to you of this hot wine in an actual wine-glass, versus the traditional brandy glass that many pubs serve this in. The wine flavor in this was unfortunately flat, and this was not even mildly sweet from cinnamon and apple like at the Sun in Splendor, Notting Hill, but it was decent. I detected hints of blackberry in this.

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Anonymous said...

i think its the other way round go there for the drink and atmosphere as the food is filth although they are being refurbished by fullers as i type