Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lamb & Flag

The Lamb & Flag
Covent Garden, London

Though the food is certainly nothing special, the overall atmosphere is. I loved the upper-stair level on the first floor (above ground level). There are ceiling tinsel and decor allll over and the pub tables by the windows allow you to look over the little alley way that leads to Covent Garden from Rose Street. This is a charming, historic pub with warmth and intimacy. Don't miss it. Come here for a pint or glass of house wine; choose the Shiraz over the Merlot (the merlot is too spicy, and young).

Shiraz Red Wine
Quite good; I liked this wine. It was flavorful, still young - probably 2005, but quite good with a hot meal, and ripe tannins. Not spicy.

Fosters Ale
A good ale. Easy.

Roast Turkey
"with Carrots and Side Salad"
Wimpy salad with wilted leaves, plain and with coleslaw, but the carrots weren't bad, and the turkey was edible. The deli ladies drown the meal in gravy though. Beware.

Quiche served with Chips
They pile the chips on this. Once again, not a great meal, but at least filling. I wasn't particularly favorable to the flavor of the quiche. It tasted cheap. It was essentially eggs, tart crust, spinach, and plain cheddar cheese; one slice is an entire half of a large pie quiche, with mushrooms, onions, and herbs in it too.

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