Monday, December 17, 2007


Kensington Church Street, London

Apricot & Raspberry Danish
After a long decision of where to go for morning pastries before Hampstead Heath, I remembered this place and its amazing creations, and it's a good thing too. My mom's jaw dropped when we walked in. This place is such a small catering shop, but everything is gorgeous and a work of art. Walking by its window is tantalizing. This danish had a tad of cheese inside, but it was topped with slivers of apricot and some crumbled sugar in addition to mild bits of pureed raspberry inside. It was good, and a delightful gourmet creation. I'm sure it would have been better heated up, but my mom loved it.

Window of Assorted Pastries
The Homemade Oreo Cookies that Ottolenghi makes are better than the original Oreo. Theirs are not crumbly, but rather the cookie is more-mushy and soft, smooth as well. For the record, the creme in the middle is better too, and and more smooth and creamy. I've also had the mini Meringues that are bite-size. They taste just like hardened meringues, and look like white hershey kisses. You can't really go wrong with meringues; all they are is sugar and egg white.

Christmas Fruit Tart
This looked absolutely beautiful, so this was certainly worth a photo. I believe it includes pears, apple, raspberries, blackberries, lemon curd and a tart crust.

Roast Carved Turkey
This is the same roasted turkey that we had at my work Christmas feat party. It was incredible, and full of wonderful turkey and herb flavors.

Grilled Veggie & Tofu Salad
My mom wanted me to take a photo of this, so I did. All the food here that I've had has been delicious, and it's all beautiful as well.

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