Friday, December 14, 2007


High Street Kensington, London

The food here was fantastic, and certainly served our craving for curried and masala food. The chef here is renown, and certainly creative with his dishes. The portion sizes are perfect as well. The food is rich and diverse in Indian spices and the meats are tender. This was certainly a good meal, quite filling though with all of those curried sauces! The interior reminds me of a more mature night club in London. The guests tend to be young around the bar, and most people are on dates here. This is a romantic atmosphere with its such-low lighting and intimacy of deuce tables.

Malma Malbec, 2004
This is a good red wine - very full, very flavorful, quite spicy and fruity with rich tannins. It does have a strong flavor, maybe a bit too strong with the curry, but this is a great wine on its own.

Complimentary Mushroom Soup
Brothy creme of mushroom with a bit of coriander. This was nice and smoothe, not too creamy, with a more brothy and butter taste but a creamy consistency. It was not creamy-thick though. The little bit of food on top is a piece of crusted chicken, seared lightly in a cream broth.

Lamb Roganjosh
Lamb shank in a heavy thick tomato and onion curry sauce, that is thick like a stew sauce. The lamb shank comes on a big bone and the shank itself is incredible tender, just falling of the bones, and the chunks taste like really good beef. This is a great dish, with spices, has a medium spiciness to it, very heavy though as a dish on the whole. The thin basmati saffron rice is really good! It has a slight curry hint of coconut milk in it, but the saffron is what primarily stands out to liven the flavor.

Plain Naan
Absolutely delicious! It's the best I've ever had. It's doughy and soft, and comes in a 4 wedges like pizza slices, infused with olive oil and served hot.

Coconut Poached Prawns
Incredible dish! This is far lighter in flavor and spice than my lamb, but it still has a fresh coconut milk curry and tomato flavor too it. The white rice with it is nice, but overall.. this is outstanding with the naan, rice, prawns (so tender and large!), and sauce... with a fresh tomato flavor.

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