Friday, October 10, 2008


Mediterranean Bistro
Paso Robles, CA

I wish I could have had a cool glass of wine with cheese here; alas, we were on the road. We stayed sober for the sake of the other road-hogs.

The entire Bistro takes a hint of the French, Mediterranean look, especially the tart and dessert fridge. There are artisan pastries that you see in every French tart shop. They did look appealing, I must say, but I've seen the same now in places locally such as C'est Si Bon and even Bristol Farms. Flavor is a biggie... so you never really know until you try. Next time, I'll try.

French Onion Soup
and Panini

Here is what I will always remember thinking while sitting in the Parisian cafe chairs of this roadside, small-town bistro: I want the recipe for the best French Onion soup I've had in my life.

I'm not kidding, it was that delicious. I believe it was because the broth was more fluid; however, it was so rich in flavor of beef and bay leaf. It captured me just with the scents steaming from the cup. The caramelized onions too, they took me away--dangerous guys. The broth: thin, dark and rich. There was a touch of gruyere atop a small slice of French baguette immersed in the dish, but not in a soggy manner. It was artistic, and still had a bit to its crust. Wonderful. I still want the soup recipe. The panini was delicious as well. Once again, it was the onions. The bread here is done right. The ciabatta panini bread was as good as you can find, a sister to the European bread, and it is baked fresh here daily.

What a find on the road to Carmel. I urge you to stop in this town. There are more cheese shops and wine bars than people. Don't forget the french onion soup!

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