Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coffee Culture Cafe

Coffee Culture Cafe
1195 Kings Blvd
Corvallis, Oregon

Inviting, warm, sumptuously alluring with tasty treats, sinful coffee compilations, and fresh personality to match a friendly, local cafe that caters to its neighbors, students, and all-around travelers. The interior is professionally designed with a healthy balance of color, amicable attitude, and warm scents that are full of life. The cozy layout of the deuce dark-wood chairs adds to the nice, social environment that comes together.

Indeed, there truly is a coffee culture. Latte art is glorious, tasteful, and elegant. Coffee Culture prides itself on not only its quality and flavor, but also in its presentation. Fine taste, I say.

Turkey Arti Panini
Fresh Turkey & Caramelized Onions, with tomato, asiago cheese,
and creamy artichoke spread on an in-house focaccia bread, grilled and melted

My favorite. It's all about the onions. The caramelized onions add a sweet, balsamic note the brings the turkey and focaccia together in harmony, while the texture of the melted asiago and artichoke spread make it heaven in the smooth divinity of such a grilled panini. Don't dangle this in front of me; I'll take it anytime.

Tomato Bisque

Beautiful hints of vodka sauce, smooth tomato cream soup, and scents of oregano. I love the scattered little bits of tomato throughout. On the chilly days we have up here, this soothes anything you have and sends you back to those dear, childhood memories when you were nestled-up by the fire with a steaming hot cocoa topped with whip cream as you listened to the blissful drops of rain outside. Oooh... this is good...

Banana Nut Bread
All bakery and pastry items are homemade by the in-shop baker. These are full of rich nutrients, grains and flavors. Banana nut hits the spot. Smooth and moist (sooo moist around the loaf edge), full of that lovely banana flavor-kick. I even thought I hinted bits of ginger...

White Chocolate
Pumpkin Scone with Pecan

Bran Muffin

Lemon Tart
bedecked by a sweet dusting of iced sugar; it's mildly chilled

Pumpkin Spice Cake
topped with a smooth, creamy glace, and elegant English Walnuts

A seasonal star. This baby is popular...
Can't go wrong.

The Coffee Culture Cafe is the most friendly, accommodating, tasty, affordable, inviting, and alluring local fare in Oregon - the best coffee cafe I've ever experienced. Props to this family-run enterprise that reels families and individuals from all across the country, the locals especially. Don't miss out. This is truly a tiny treasure.

Take the half-panini and soup lunch on the menu, serving half a panini and a divine soup to accompany, with fresh fruits and leaves on the plate. This value is more than affordable at just over $5, and your tummy will be very happy, especially in such a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

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Janet McKensey said...

I couldn't agree more. The folks behind Coffee Culture have it all figured out. I'm lucky enough to live a few blocks from there. But--how did you know about our local gem?

Misunderstood Bella said...

Hi Janet,
Splendid to share a common appreciation for a such a lovely coffee establishment. I'm a bakery/cafe nut, and I come up to visit family in Oregon. In Corvallis, Coffee Culture is hard to miss. And they have been the only inviting place open my time of the day... before dawn. In such a small town, it didn't take more than few minutes to see it open. I need my tea and treats! I was stunned with the refreshing quality of their presentation, service, yumminess, and demeanor. One cannot forget something as that...

Best wishes to you, and happy coffee-indulgence!

Anonymous said...

It's my favorite place too... And now they have a fantastic happy hour menu too! try the fondue, it's only available certain nights but it's to die for! you can also enjoy some great local musicians every Friday night. A great place to meet friends for an evening glass of wine on the patio.