Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daniel Boulud Brasserie

Daniel Boulud
Wynn, Las Vegas

Allured by the multi-sectional ceiling of this offset restaurant from the rest of the Wynn world, I strolled into Boulud's dining room to turn and find the most intriguing antiqued copper mirror panels, dim lit and reflecting the soft amber light of the bar area. I was hooked. We spend our afternoon break lounging and conversing with the staff.

THEN, we discovered another whole new world: Daniel Boulud's backyard. A stone veneer, creamy stone textured modern slope with a cascading waterfall, at least three stories tall. The fall trickled into the garden pool, a miniature lake, really. The surroundings take you back to Spielberg's "ET", a forest that could engulf one individual so easily with its tall, lush pines and various growies. The image in the center of the lake, seen from Boulud's veranda dining area, reminds one of how small we are in the scheme of God's creation. A lone woman stands erect, gazing as a statue toward the waterfall, where a lone man exposes his upper torso as he too is enraptured in the scene.

Anyhow, the food. I had none here, but I did enjoy a lovely beverage out on the lounge belonging to the center bar of the downstairs community. Between Daniel B. and SW Steakhouse. This bar had an outdoor patio lounge, inviting all to enjoy the lush woven chaises, upholstered in fine white linen. Fresh. I sipped on my Chambord & Champagne aperitif, $12, and thanked the Lord for the beautiful grace that He imparts to me every day. The scenery on these veranda's truly set the mood, and all the more... I am still fond of the bar area of Boulud.
The restaurant alone is elegant and daring, soft with the seating interior, but daring with the irregular ceiling coves. They are all irregular, having no pattern, taking odd shapes of trapezoids. The tones are natural and elemental, creams, golds, whites, greens, while at the bar there are more reds and coppers, and even darker browns and black. The copper was genius, and I always enjoy the effect of antiqued mirrors. Few appreciate that kind of thing nowadays.

$12 Champagne in Vegas is not bad. In fact, it's a catch, especially when the mixologist includes Chambord in there. Here is catch on beverages. The bar is always open, and to experience the evening... SIT OUTSIDE, enjoy the atmosphere and show (as described in the SW Steakhouse experience). Savor it.

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