Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Cabin @ Balboa Bay Club Resort

First Cabin
Balboa Bay Club Resort
Newport Beach, CA

Sunday brunch hour. Lunch out on the terrace.

Jazz music streaming smoothly from Duke's next door.
My foot gently tapped the beat, setting the brunch rhythm.

Cloudy day, but still kept warm, nuzzled under the umbrellas.

Just a simple Champagne, per selection of the sommelier. Simple thing.

Appetizer Bread
Just a white bread roll (french bread) -- not special at all -- regular deli bread..

Olive bread, on the other hand, was nice. This was the better one. Very tasty, fresh boule slices that were more like a sourdough crust in texture and hint of sour flavor. Ground pieces of the olives in the dough. It was olivy indeed. No herbs.

The breakfast bread basket came out soon after, apparently because it was still brunch hour.

Mini Muffins... Croissants
Spice muffins with some sultanas... so moist and tasty! Everyone at the table was all over these. there were also croissants, which I had none of. Straight croissants.
There was a blueberry muffin, all alone in the bunch. All muffins were miniature. Cute.

Spinach Salad, Starter
Beautiful with leaves of romaine filled with cuts of strawberry, some sliced red onions, spinach leaves, and a side of balsamic. Beautiful salad, fresh and appetizer-friendly! Strawberries added a lovely sweet surprise.

Blackened Sea Bass
Served on steamed veggies: White asparagus, green asparagus, and long root carrots.

Beautiful! The sea bass had a light layer of blackened crust. There was a bit of butter involved, but the fish was smooth, so moist, and the layer of blackening was tasty, of olive oil and spices such as pepper, and oh, I don't know, chili powder, perhaps a touch of paprika. It was so delightful! Filling, yes, but not sloppy or heavy. It was gourmet with that hint of butter. I want the recipe for the spice rub. No herbs involved -- the chef keeps doing this! It still turned out great without herbs.

As for this mysterious Champagne, whatever I had, it was fine with my meal. I had asked for something simple, so it wasn't Dom Perignon.

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