Saturday, June 13, 2009

Citrus @ Hotel Valencia

Hotel Valencia
Santana Row, San Jose

Full Continental Breakfast, complete with Courtyard View. This was just the place to stroll down and read my morning paper in peace. The sun was peaking through the drapery to invite me outside on the teak furniture under the umbrella. Dazzling and comfortable.

See here I took a little Bran Muffin, complimentary. This was moist and full-textured with molasses and oats. Yum.

Service is on top of things, and the food is bountiful. You can have anything you like here, though some of it may be off of the custom menu.

Omelet and Continental Breakfast

Awesome. This was a full serving of filling meals. I only opted for a custom omelet because the eggs included were covered in cheese. I'm not a cheesy-egg gal. Unlimited supply of breads and toast. $17 for full service, eternal tea, and carbs.

Omelet Egg White, with onion and peppers

So fluffy and full in consistency. Oil and butter-free. Toast.. fresh and delicious, served with spreads. I must get the recipe for omelet fluffiness minus oils and cream. The chef made it possible. The filling was loaded with the onions and red bell peppers. Amazing how many veggies can fit in this thing! I was stuffed.

To top it off, we had a never ending supply of good teas to wake ups up in the morning. Clean and quality presentation. The order was perfect, no screw-ups, and came on time. The service here did a fair job, and was very attentive.

Whole Wheat Bread
Fresh toast. This was delicious. I would love to pick up a fresh loaf for my own home. It's real whole wheat, with a touch of honey. Smooth tear.

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