Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Cliff

The Cliff
Laguna Beach, CA

Sat on the edge of the Cliff this Sunday, Father's Day.

Couldn't have asked for a better set-up. Atmosphere, perfect. Casual and comfortable with a breathtaking view. Mild breeze, sunshine, good food, affordable, and fun conversation. This was awesome.

Haven't had this memorable of a breakfast in a while. A full breakfast at that.

Spanish Omelet
3 Eggs filled with sauteed onion, tomatoes, red and orange peppers, topped with home made salsa. This is loaded with peppers and onions, I'll say. The onions are not sauteed, but this is still good. Could use some herbs, but I can't complain. I was happy with my meal. I even had extra strawberry on the side. The service goes out of their way to accommodate you.

French Toast
This was gone in 30 seconds. He had eggs and bacon on the side as well. Each dish is garnished with a bit of orange. Nice. And this platter was spackled with a bit of sugar dust. Another nice touch. The plates are bright with color and goodness.

Spanish Omelet, Egg White
Loaded with toppings! This was insane!
Came with squaw bread instead of wheat -- suppose they didn't have wheat this morning, or maybe they think squaw is wheat? I was full by the end of this. Great service, and the tea just kept coming for less than $3 total


All breakfast entrees less than $10. Full sized meals for big hungry eaters. The biggest bargain is the view. Who can beat it? Overseeing all of main beach Laguna on a sunny, warm morning, complete package comes with umbrellas, as long as you are patient on a busy morning.

And here's due to my sentimentality...

The Laguna Village:
Old shops displaying their trinket beads / jewelry, which you really have no need to buy, but tourists go for it, and always will...

It's all part of the atmosphere, and I can't imagine this place any other way.

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