Monday, July 13, 2009


Rooftop Bar & Bistro
Hotel Casa del Camino
Laguna Beach

K'ya offers the best rooftop panoramic view of Laguna Beach. Better than any other outdoor cliff dining. I had never heard of this hotel restaurant until 2008. I am glad to have found a gem in Laguna such as this.

The experience on the rooftop is unforgettable, and worth the fight for the seats at sunset. The bistro downstairs, quite eclectic with menu items. More tapas style.

The Bistro prices... unbeatable. This is a fantastic local fare for affordable dining and overall atmospheric experience in Laguna Beach. The rooftop can be quite romantic at sunset.

Down at the Bistro, we enjoyed some cocktails and nibblies.

Champagne and Chambourd, $8. Delightful.
We then ordered some Ahi Poke and a Cheeseplate. I took much delight in the Ahi, but I cannot say the same for the Cheese Platter, as the cheeses were merely sliced from packaged cheese one would get from Ralphs and toss on a basic sandwich.

Ahi Poke
Aside from the bountiful sauce laid upon this, the ahi was wonderful. This was my favorite of the dishes. We just dived in.

Cheese Platter
$14. Lots to share. Not great cheeses, but it's a lot of food. I saw a digestive biscuit on there.
I felt the cheese selection was cheap, but the accessories on the platter were enjoyable, as the candied nuts and pure white almonds were a grand surprise. I also fancied the figs and apricots on the platter.

The bread basket that accompanied was the most basic deli sub bread one could find anywhere, but the basil butter was the best mystery we found. It was whipped butter with basil. Lovely.

Sit at rooftop! The bar downstairs has prices for steal; the best happy hour menu prices. Upstairs on rooftop are the best views in Laguna at the wood tables, unending. Be prepared to wait if you come on the weekend, and even weeknights! I love it up here. The prices are up from the downstairs. Drinks between $8-15, which is normal, but more than downstairs still.

Appetizers are around $10. Downstairs drinks can be less than that and so are appetizers! $5-8 for food downstairs. Share!

Great atmosphere. I want to come back for happy hour and another dinner. You can't beat these views and the meals.

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