Friday, August 7, 2009

Brasserie Pascal

Brasserie Pascal
Fashion Island, Newport Beach
(the old French 75)

It's all about the atmosphere here.
You feel like you are truly in a crimson, banquette-cozy French bistro. It really is the hip-place to be: the social yet classy hot-spot on a Saturday evening; at least, it was flooded with an eager crowd the night of Julie & Julia's entrance onto the big screen. And of course, the flying order of the evening.... “Beef Bourguignon”.

When you walk into the candlelit parlor, it is the beef bourguignon along with the red wine aromas that lure you into a trance, and you can think of nothing else. Just sit down, let the waitress order for you. Cheers, and Bon Appetit!

First off, get your wine, and don't think the
Pinot Noir Burgundy
is going to hold you right for a first-y of the evening. This is diluted, severely, and has more earth to it. Didn't care for it at all. It was like tasting water with some distilled wine vinegar. Perhaps it the air clenched it to early. Opt for a deeper one to pair with the beef.

Evenings here, early evenings, offer $10 Entrees for anyone. That's what I fared for this evening, and I was not disappointed. As my dates were going for the beef classic entree, I figured I try something else and scrape their plates at the same time; I actually quite enjoyed my filet mignon, only $10 and served an entire entree portion. While the larger, regular priced entrees are more than enough to split.

Rustic Country Bread
Good bread. A rustic sourdough type, set in a warming oven for the crisp shell and tender, dense cloud inside. Boule slices. Fluffy but crisp crust, baked.. yum. Spread was a mayo based tapenade. Too mayo-like for me, but the flavor was nice. Authentic to olives.

Choice Aged Filet Mignon
($10 meal)
Perfectly portioned and cooked tender. Enough for an entree. The sauce was peppercorn and more gravy like. I liked the sauce on Julia Child's Bouguignon better. Still, a tender steak, ordered rare. Served with some greens on the side and green beans. I was tickled by the little French cut carrots as well, which I used to call "baby root carrots," because they showed the little petit root sprout. Cute.

“Beef Bourguignon” - Beef Stew in Red Wine

Okay, look at the photo. Now keep in mind, this photo is the dish after we split it into HALF. Yeah... huge, I know.

Wonderful, just wonderful, a classic of Julia Child's. Served with tagliatelle and some veggies. Split the entree... it's huge! The sauce is a nice red wine with olive oil, the meat is tender, ask for extra-tender meat.

You smell a wiff of this walking in and you can't go without it

Chocolate Souffle

You bet we all looked at each other on this one when the waitress asked us if we had room, and of course, we said yes. This was actually a deep chocolate, whipped light for the souffle, not sweet. The sweet stuff is in the sauce. A rich semi-sweet chocolate sauce, hot. There is a dollop of Creme Fraiche that is added to top it off. Overall, this was an ideal end to a heavy meal because it was not competing with the flavors of the steak and wine. The souffle itself was more on the balanced side of sweet-savory. The sauce is what makes it sweet. My advice, prepare it yourself with a hint of sauce and some creme fraiche.

What a delight. Fond experience, followed by another lovely encounter at the movies.

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Samuel said...

We are going to Brasserie Pascal tonight, so my search came up with your blog. Pascal's Tradition is amazing, so hopefully this won't disappoint. Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing all these experiences...I look forward to future research!