Monday, March 29, 2010

Bamboo Bistro

Bamboo Bistro
Corona del Mar

Conveniently located in the neighborhood, I'm surprised I never ventured here until just this past year. This is one of my special gems of a find. I can rely on good, affordable, flavorful, tasty meals with attentive, friendly waitstaff.

This establishment receives a well-rounded supply of starts. Affordable, friendly, comfortable, eclectic variety of menu, tasty food, and nice presentation. You can have dinner here and a glass of wine for around $15. Nice.

Seafood Curry
Mussels, prawns, squid, sole, scallops, and bamboo shoots
in a green curry sauce with red pepper and fresh basil.

The green curry, I have to admit, I could have passed on, but all of the protein and veggies here were a delight. There is so much going on with the different textures of one dish, and then you have the broth -  buttery, very buttery. I like the Seafood Tom Yum better because the sauce pairs better with the fish, but this was a good adventure to try. I feel like this could have been a nicer curry for me if it weren't so buttery. Still, I ate all of the food-food. Delicious and filling, but a good fullness.. one in which I don't feel heavy as I leave.

Oh yeah, and I ordered a house red wine, I believe it was the Chardonnay. Can't remember the vintner. Very reliable and consistent. Smooth and oaked. Fantastic steal for the price. Under $10.

Vegetable Curry
Soy protein, sweet potatoes, tofu, squash, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms
in a delicate yellow curry sauce

Of course, the yellow curry sauce wins. I'd love to try a Masala sauce here, but I don't recall seeing it on the menu -- that would be more Indian. This dish is good for vegetarians, no meat! The sweet potatoes are the exciting part for me, and the different textures.

Bamboo Shoot, especially grilled, can be incredible. If you haven't tried it yet, it's like a sweet water-chestnut, but not as crunchy. Kelly enjoyed it. I think the Chicken curry is one of my favorites here, just because of the meat flavor that enhances the sauce. Bamboo Bistro does make a hearty curry, and I can enjoy it. It's milder in flavor than most, but with the rice this really is a comfort food. For the record, the rice here is fantastic. Long grain white basmati rice: it absorbs the jus flavors the best.

Steamed Veggies
Fresh and pure.

Look forward to coming again, probably right after Easter. I always leave here with a smile, and full of fond conversation I've had over the meal with good company.

PS: My date had this orange colored tea with milk in it... and it was creamy smooth, but with a passion fruit type flavor, enhanced with cream. I liked this. Not a drink to pair with my meal -- I'd consider the drink an afternoon solo drink by itself. Delicious though!

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