Thursday, March 25, 2010


Fashion Island, Newport Beach

I can say this has one of the best bread baskets and is one of the most comfortable, mature atmospheres to chow in within Newport Beach. What I love about Canaletto is that I can bring anyone here for any type of meal. If it's close friends looking for a deal, we can go to the happy hour special at the bar, $5 for everything: wine and food. If I bring clients, we can go to the dining room, along the forum of high-strung booths in accord with class and classicism. Don't forget the wine list.

Today I brought my dad. He's a good chum for a casual Italian meal. The meal truly is more casual with pride in the presentation. Just look at the bread "basket." It's a silver platter of traditional rustic bread. The bread hits home, but the platter says, "hey... we're better than home, with style." The wine list has good selections; it's worth the extra three dollars for the one up from the house varietal. I think that's the only difference from Italy. In Italia you can have any wine on the list and it'll bring you to red and smile. Here, I think you have to pick the one-up. At the bar, between the reds.. opt for the Sangiovese.

Today we picked the full oaked char.
Chalone Chardonnay
It was full and buttery. Rich to go with our meal. It was more of a conversation wine, and it stood well on its own.

Bread Platter
Olive Bread was my favorite. Each selection of bread is served as a roll (oval-like). The bread here is delicious. It has an incredible tear to it and it's silky, authentic. So is the Rustic Italian but it isn't as exciting at the others.

The Wheat Roll is a roll that is dense in wheat, having many seeds with great flavor but not as great with lunch as the olive bread.

Insalate de Rape [9]
Roasted yellow and purple organic beets, wild arugula, asiago cheese, toasted walnuts, red wine and lemon vinaigrettes

By far, the best and most innovative. I enjoyed the beets and their pairing with the asiago cheese. We devoured this, as gentile as we were.
In layman's terms: So good! This can fill you up. The beets are meaty. Huge pieces of sliced cheese on top, but ultra thin. You can ask for the salad without so many slices of cheese if you like. The lettuce was arugula I want to say, and there are only a few walnuts. These are easy to set aside as well. Dressing is a light olive oil. Bravo to this salad. Dad and I split this.

Pizza Margherita
Fresh mozzarella, oregano, basil and tomato sauce [14]

This was a better option for a lunch pizza. It was so simple with basil and oregano that the flavors stood out and created a well balanced array of flavors. The pizza had more acidity to it and flavor so I did enjoy this more for lunch. I was afraid for the amount of cheese, but then considering the texture and consumption, and the survey of my stomach afterward, I enjoyed the meal and left with a good feeling.

Fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, wild arugula, Prosciutto San Daniele, shaved [16]
Parmigiano-Reggiano and truffle oil.

This was good, incredibly layered with thin layers prosciutto on it, rich in layers of meat, like a croissant almost. It was rather tender, but unfortunately overall there was not much flavor at. I'd opt for the MARGHERITA any day. I think the truffle oil muted the stimulants on this. All of the flavors competed too much and it just came off as too rich, tasted like butter. Beautifully soft slices of meat though.

This month, Canaletto wins best bread basket.

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