Friday, October 15, 2010

Rose Cafe and Market

The Rose
Cafe & Market
220 Rose Ave, Venice

I walked in and immediately thought it looked like a cheery, artistic studio space for an artist or designer. This warehouse-like space has a narrow dining area lined with high medallion table-tops; the other half of the space contains the kitchen and a little store with trinkets and living items. The entire space is colorful. There is a lot of personality here, much like one finds in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Portland, OR.

The cafe has a health-air about it and sustainability. I'd say that it relates most to Cafe Zinc here in Corona del Mar, except I like The Rose better. Service was prompt and listened intently to custom orders. They were friendly and the entire community was friendly. It's quite a strange place to find a cafe off of Rose Ave in Venice Beach, but I'm glad I was directed here! Can't wait to come again next time we're in town.

Low-Fat Berry Bran Muffin
Delicious. With blueberries, red berries, and strips of thin baked apple. Lovely. I would say this has a good balance between flour and bran to keep a smooth consistency. The berries are well strewn throughout, each bit you have will have a bit of berry in it. The bran is not overwhelming, nor does it create a tough texture like many bran muffins have. This one is soft and full of berry flavor that competes with the right amount of molasses to and grains to make a heavenly muffin. I believe the red berries are a type of cranberry. I think this was around $2. I enjoyed the muffin. It's one I can have half of in the morn and the other half in the afternoon. Borders on dessert because it has a sweetness to it, but still great for breakfast. I've seen the recipe for this too -- it's a classic and healthy.

Plain Yogurt and Rose's Famous Granola
Each is offered in a cup-size dish. This was enough to fill me up. The plain yogurt is beautiful, like a plump cloud. The granola is out of this world. I have to say this is the best cafe granola I've had. I'm embarrassed to say this has actually outdone Flour Bakery, Boston. I'd love to have this granola recipe. It has the perfect crunch. The oats are browned, toasted with a lovely bit of brown sugar/honey along with almonds, sunflower seeds, cranberries and raisins. I truly enjoyed this. I could just keep eating the Granola alone! This was perhaps $3.50. I ordered a tea as well.

My entire meal was just over $6. Not bad: Muffin, Granola and Yogurt, and Tea. This is a great place to enjoy an affordable and healthy meal. They deserve compensation with higher prices, but I'm thankful that they keep them low!

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London Lady said...

I so miss the food in LA. I love breakfast at Kings Road in Hollywood or a great coffee at Urth in Santa Monica!