Thursday, October 14, 2010

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen
Fashion Island, Newport Beach

Sitting inside, you feel like you are in an atrium space with a garden-personality around you. Though there only a few indoor grass plants, the colors of green, grey, and yellow all come together to create the garden atmosphere. The place is fresh and airy. The seating is comfortable and the the restaurant is always packed! I was surprised to see a wait of 45 mins before noon, even. I would like to come back here and try more dishes, though in this economy I cannot afford to eat lunch here everyday. I was surprised to find out how tasty each of our dishes was. The chef does a good job of making healthy food taste good. The white dishes also make the food pop off of the plate.

The dishes are appropriate portions and there is a clean and alluring presentation with color, texture, and variety. The scents are magnificent and the food is tasty. It feels healthy in your stomach and tastes delicious. The service is friendly and prompt. I just wish some of the dessert prices were lower! $7 was too much for a petite flourless chocolate cake, though it was delicious. I've had the Kale Salad before; kale is not my vegetable, let's just say. I do want to try the Hummus platter next time. Everyone was ordering this and it looked colorful and tempting! I think it would make a nice appetizer. Here, there are no bread baskets or complimentary appetizers. I don't know why they don't have edamame or something, but people keep coming back so I'm sure they don't care to change that.

Natural Beef and Black Rice Stir Fry
Broccoli, Scallion, and Shitake Mushroom. [$15]

Sauteed in a light sauce. I opted for tabouleh instead of black rice, but I should have kept the black rice! The black rice is not heavy and pairs best. The beef is thin. This is not a heavy dish. The broccoli is lightly sauteed. The flavor from the onion was necessary and really gave the dish a kick. I liked the fact that the sauce/jus was not thick. It was light and I did not feel too full afterward. I would order this again, but I would like to try other dishes first!

My friend ordered the Organic Ricotta Ravioli, which was lovely in appearance, having 5-6 ravioli balls covered in a thick pesto sauce. It looked heavy to me, but the plate was medium sized. In the center were the lightly sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes. The pesto smelled delicious. She enjoyed the meal.

Flourless Chocolate Cake
72% Cocoa, with Vanilla Ice cream and caramel.

Served in a nice, warm white bowl and topped with cocoa beans and a dollop of Vanilla ice cream. I did not care for the pool of caramel sauce at the bottom of the dish, but the torte itself was marvelous. I thought it would taste like flour, but surprisingly when I tasted it it was creamy, like a densely packed mousse. It does not look how it tastes. It is so smooth and rich. The cocoa percent is ideal for my taste buds -- I'm a red wine person so this was my kind of flavor for dark chocolate. It is not bitter in the least. This is a good choice for dessert, however, I think $7 is asking too much. The medallion of chocolate is small, slightly larger than an egg. This is not quite enough to satisfy two people for dessert, but it is rich and satisfying to the palette.

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