Sunday, February 27, 2011

Musical Offering Cafe

The Musical Offering
Cafe and Music Shoppe
Bancroft, Berkeley, CA
September 27, 2010

I'm coming back to listen to one of the bands play live here sometime soon. They invite musicians from the UC and community to perform here; wine and appetizers are available to the audience as well. The service, aka: guy behind the bar, is friendly and charming. The staff is on top of the game and serve customers with a smile. I had a pot of tea that lasted me a while, but when it was done they were happy to fill it up again. The staff is personable too with good sense of humor.

Gingersnap cookie
SO GOOD! Thick, gooey. I would say it's around 3/4" high and 4-5" diameter. Awesome. This is rich in spice and molasses flavor. It lasted me for a few days actually. It was rich and very moist. I would say this was around a dollar in price. What a find. The flavor and price beats Bette's To Go cookies by far.

This is one of those places where you feel welcome. I enjoyed sitting at the table near the window booth, where you can easily look out and people-watch. It was a beautiful day out and I have good memories as I wrote and prepared for my interview here. It was peaceful and soothing to sit here at the bentwood chair with all of the natural light streaming in from the front of the shop. There was a nice, soothing jazz tune on in the background. The shop is very long, yet there is a sense of warm community here. Looking forward to coming back!

Affordable! You get more for less. I got can vouch for that based on the superhuman cookie I experienced and the ever-flowing pot of tea.

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