Friday, July 15, 2011

Babycakes NYC

Babycakes NYC
Downtown LA

Hitting up the LA Art Walk at 10pm can work up an appetite as much as one's visual stimulation from the evening's excitement. Next to Cole's and Mignon's, a true vegan can satisfy his or her sweet cravings a mere shop down. I'm no vegan, but after savory foods all day - and a glass of brut - I was craving something sweet. Here it is.

Gluten-Free Carrot Cupcake

It looks good, riiight? Great presentation! The carrot cake was on the drier side in texture. It had more of a burnt than baked flavor. The carrot and cinnamon were hardly noticeable - hints of ginger stood out more - but the frosting had a creamy, smooth consistency that was laudable. Frosting flavor, however, was more of an airy, whipped and buttery cream cheese flavor - mild. I guess it was because it was vegan, but then again the toastie below was vegan and it had an excellent flavor. Hit or miss, guys.

Apple-Cranberry Toastie

More like coffee cake, really. It has that baked cinnamon sugar on top and interspersed throughout. There were widely dispersed, baked cranberries that one could sense hints of but really the flavor and texture of the cranberries was scarce to be had (there were maybe 3 berries total in my slice).

The baked apple bits in this were good - tender bits of diced apple. Apple and cinnamon make a good pair. Truly, this was more like a coffee cake in flavor, but the texture in this particular bread slice was a step up from the others had, such as the Banana Bread (dried out). This toastie was moist, probably from yogurt, oil, or a smart-butter of some sort. It was of a breakfast dessert, but I liked it as a nighttime snack, in moderation of course. You can get your sugar fix from this baby, which is really not that small. It's splittable.

The shop is inviting to walk into. Display theme has soft pastel colors with a lot happening for the eye in shapes. Ceiling goes up high to give the place a good, spacious feel. It's more of a traditional cupcake atmosphere in color and penmanship but fun for adults in LA, not elementary. Staff was on top of things behind the counter and the foods were kept fresh. Next time I want to try the Spelt Biscuit, which looks more like a muffintop, really. We had a coffee to go as well. Not inexpensive. For the two of these goods I paid $8.20. It's hit or miss on the pastry flavors and easy to grab and go, in and out. Overall, a good experience. I got my sweet fix.

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Elyse said...

Wow, $4 for a cupcake? The best ones here in D.C. (and we do have the best) run $3.00 - $3.50.

misunderstoodbella said...

Where should I go for the best cupcake in DC? I will look forward to this experience, almost as much as catching up with a good, ole' friend there.