Sunday, July 10, 2011


Kukui's Restaurant 
Kauai Marriott, Lihue, HI


Kukui's brunch has everything. It's all fresh. This was a lazy day, so we decided to stay put at the hotel; plus, we had a free bottle of champagne. You should try brunch here at least one day of your visit. I had an omelet here above, but I also had some salmon locks, a bit of oatmeal, french toast, and mimosas. Yum. The meal was a whopping $30, but it's all-you-can-eat and convenient. The service was a disappointment, overall, but our waiter Ramon was the exception; he helped make this a positive experience.

In the afternoon, Kukui's turns into a happy hour scene. There is a sushi bar at the far end. The bar is never too crowded, but the restaurant is often full for dinner. 

I don't recommend dinner here. When we tried, the service was slow, inattentive, and rude. I think they had a hard time balancing crowds and handling the work to be done. They did not handle pressure well when multiple people came in. Unfortunately, that dampened our attempt at having a nice dinner, so we went down the way to Duke's, which was a MUCH better experience on the upper level (terribly slow experience on the lower level, however); we have practically studied how to do this right, it seems! For dinner take Duke's, and for breakfast take this place or the upper Terrace Cafe, which has a lovely view of the pool and harbor.

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