Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Makana Terrace

Makana Terrace
St. Regis Resort, Princeville, Kauai

July 6, 2011

On the way to Hanalei Bay, we stopped at the St. Regis for some drinks at the terrace. It was perhaps one of the most unexpected, memorable experiences we had in Kauai. The view of the ocean harbor was spectacular and beautiful, and between the seating, service, and food, it was a luxury experience. The view was like that along Lake Como. Service was professional with a good sense of humor and grace. 

Hawaiian Style Poke
Sashimi grade ahi, avocado, ahi roe, chile, nori tempura, Hanalei taro chip, macadamia nut

Mmm. Scrumptious. A bit of roe and avocado are hidden in this. Beautiful presentation. Well worth the price of $20. On the side, the Ciabatta and Wheat bread were delicious.

We had drinks here too. Mine was a sort of sangria blanc that was delightful. It was large, so it lasted a while. The flavor was unlike any white sangria I've had before. I'm sure there was a bit a lilikoi or exotic fruit mixed in.

We wanted to take a break and enjoy the atmosphere of the harbor. This is the best place to stop for an afternoon snack and drink; valet parking is complementary for a visit.

Lobby interior.

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