Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dusty's Bistro

Dusty's Bistro
Silverlake, LA

Brunch, 23 July 2011

We sat outside today for brunch with some good friends. I love Dusty's. Their omelets are superb, and I quite enjoy their bread basket - so many options. Today, I wasn't that hungry, so I ordered a salad. I should have ordered a different omelet, or a yogurt, but oh well. The service is aways friendly and informative, the (popular) food items are good, and it's an intimate, inviting atmosphere with an eclectic diner personality. For a consistently colorful and good breakfast, we come here. 

Frisee aux Lardons
(Poached Egg Salad)
with diced ham and red wine vinaigrette

I wasn't impressed with the salad itself. It was just frise'e, mostly, which was unexciting, and it was over-salted. The pancetta was mostly diced lard, not the leaner pancetta meat. The mimosas with peach were a good recovery. I wouldn't order this salad again. Next time, I'll stick with the omelets. I've had the Florentine omelet before, which I like.

The crepes looked delicious. I saw a spinach and feta filled crepe, which was practically sheet-thin. Next time!

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