Friday, December 16, 2011


Redondo Beach

March 30, 2011

Slow-cooked Short Rib 
served on gratin, with a red wine demi-glace

Extraordinary dining experience. Rich, colorful, flavorful, delicious meal and a crisp clean presentation. Can't wait to come back. Our experience comes from March 30, 2011- a silent opening. It was a night to remember. Of all the dishes, I would say the slow-cooked short rib (above), mussels in a Spanish cream sauce, and milk and cookies were the best; however, you can't go wrong with anything. Here begins your feast for the eyes, at least until I can find the menu with the cuisine titles and descriptions to satiate your desire to know the names of what we ordered! 

Short Rib
on pappardelle carbonara

Seared Chilean Sea Bass
white wine reduction and sautéed shitake mushrooms

Rack of Lamb, 
rare plus, appetizer, with aged balsamic vinegar

Mussels Frites
Spanish chorizo cream sauce with sweet n' spicy peppers and chives

So good! It's all about the peppers and sauce texture with this one. There are small bits of diced chorizo strewn throughout the sauce and in the mussel shells. The chorizo adds a nice kick.

Calamari with Tempera Peppers
and a green goddess sauce

Loved the peppers most on this one.

Milk and Cookies

Best cookies I've had at a restaurant. There must be caramel chips in these that make them exceptionally lovable. They are served warm and thick, with a warm, most center. Gooey! Also, the milk has a scoop of Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. He-he.

Looking forward to our next visit. Too bad Redondo Beach is so out of the way. It's worth the trek, though, for sure!

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