Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stout Burgers and Beers

Stout: Burgers and Beers

Monday night, 19 December 2011

Quaint atmosphere and a covered patio; plus, it's heated, considering it is winter. The lighting is soft, mood-lit, and the acoustics are good. The tables have a deep, rich wood sheen with a little candle illuminating the surface of each one. The waitstaff knows what they are talking about; not to mention, they are friendly and cool. We had a great experience here, casual but yummy and friendly. We only spent an hour here, as it was before the Arclight showing. The crowd thinned around 9pm and we managed to have a relaxing evening. Ohh, let me get to the burgers and bevs now...

Setting aside the beverages for now, let's zoom in on the meal:
the Six Weeker: Fig jam, brie, arugula, and caramelized onions,
 and the Island Burger: Arugula and roasted tomatoes,
 with a side of sweet potato fries

The burgers were mouthwatering, juicy, and delicious. My Island Burger was perfect, having lean, ground chicken with breadcrumbs and fennel. Whatever else was in this was amazing. I enjoyed the overall flavor of the patty alone, which seldom happens because usually the patty is dry by itself and you need something to spread on this - well, not this burger, for you can eat it alone. 

I liked the Lemon basil aioli for dipping the sweet potato fries in - so much flavor and zest, and I think the lemon acid is a great pairing with these fries. For my Island Burger, I ordered it skinny stout style, which is basically an open-face burger, no bun (or bun on the side), on a bed of arugula salad, which had a delicious, nice oil-based dressing. The salad wasn't filling; it was fresh, lightly-dressed, and tasty. 

With the Allagash Curieux tripel to pair (and a Shakespeare n' Old Rasputin for the boy), I can describe this state of experience as pure bliss.

The burgers were $10 and filling. Sides were around $4. Nice! Of course, they get you on the beverages, but it's worth it at $6-9. Looking forward to coming back soon.

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